Are jigsaw blades universal?

As we already know that a jigsaw machine is made up of the heavy motor and sharp blades. Definitely, this is a machine that is used for cutting hard sheets in different angles and designs; though there are different types of blades are used in it.

Undoubtedly jigsaw machine has universal type blades which may cut anything hard in any shape!

Well, today, here I’m about sharing universal blades of jigsaw machines that can cut a variety of sheets with full ease. Let us have a look;

Shank jigsaw blades (universal blade):

I’m not saying that all jigsaw blades are universal, but the “U-shank” is. The name shank is actually expressing the type of portion that this specific jigsaw blade has. A jigsaw power tool is gripping this shank portion, and multiple tools need different shanks. You just have to find out which shank is capable of your jigsaw power tool.

A good variety of jigsaw blades are used to permit a power tool for cutting different sheets. It is why your selection really meant for efficient cutting, speed level, and proper finishing.

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Further, for the proper conceptualization of blade structure and suitability here, we have described two different jigsaw shank blades. Take a look;

Jigsaw shank blades:

Mainly two types of shank jigsaw blades are characterized as universal blades. A piece of the blade that is closed into the jigsaw clamp is known as (Shank). There are two types of jigsaw shank blades U-shank (universal shank) and the T-shank (Tang shank).

Tang shank or (T-shanked) blades are most common today than U-shank. They are having a tang design on the tip, which is used to fit into a tool-free blade clamp. Both of these shank blades are not compatible with old jigsaw machines but only with modern.

U-shank blade has u shaped structure at the top of it, which is capable of cutting any sheet with ease. U-shanked blades are older than t-shank, and still, often, companies are manufacturing jigsaws with this blade type.

Generally, the recent invention of the tool-less blade machine has changed this system, and they are accepting T-shank blades.

Blade Material:

Jigsaw blade quality all depends on the material from which are made of; because the design of a jigsaw blade is worth less than the material. Your jigsaw blade material will decide your desired cutting and the task which you want to perform.

For blade material always prefer durability and quality. Like if your jigsaw blades are T or U shank designed, but they are not durable enough, then you cannot cut your sheet properly. I must suggest you prefer good superiority jigsaw blades; further jigsaw blades are made-up of high different materials like;

  • Speed steel,
  • BI-metal (tungsten steel)
  • HC steel

Now it is all as per on you and your budget that what type of jigsaw blades you buy in order to cut universally.


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